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Inflatable Knowledge

  • Difference between indoor and outdoor water park

    Since 2016, the inflatable water park project has been gradually developed indoors. There are differences between the indoor and outdoor water parks, such as drainage, storey, and the height of water...

  • Clean the inflatable arch after use

    1. Clear the surface of the inflatable arches, use a soft cotton cloth, because hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface. If the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral detergent, toothpaste...

  • Locations for inflatable water park

    1. Not to have a slope on the ground. The first is the pool uneven stress. Force mainly by the bracket and the pool wall, if the site has a gradient, after the installation of water, the water...

  • Some Safety Advice For Your Inflatable Water Park

    1. Wear suitable clothes When you play in the water park, it is all day in the sun exposure. You need to wear suitable clothing to isolate intense UV rays to prevent heat stroke. Best to wear a hat,...

  • How to clean the inflatable slide

    2019-07-02 10:31:13
    How to clean the inflatable slide

    Inflatable slide as a popular playground for children, can be seen in many shopping malls. But Bestfun inflatable remind everyone who have a inflatable slide that, do not forget to clean your...

  • Some place of inflatable amusement park need you care

    Inflatable amusement park is a popular entertainment for children, but do you know the correct usage of the game on inflatable amusement park? There are some points need to pay attention, Bestfun...

  • How to inflate your inflatable game

    Inflatable game is mainly supported by air, if the air is not enough or over-inflated, will have some impact on the use. A very simple truth, for example, people eat, eat less will be hungry, eat more...

  • Pay attention when you buy inflatable sport game

    Many manufacturers are producing inflatable sport game, because inflatable sport game is increasing and occupy a certain position. But with the rapid development of this industry, the market appeared...

  • You must need to know if want to by inflatable water park

    With the rapid development of inflatable water park, more and more manufacturers are involved, many of them are bad manufacturers. These manufacturers are entirely for short-term profit-making, even...

  • Choose good quality inflatable water park

    Previous purchase is very inportant if you want your inflatable water park have a successfully operate. So how to do choose a high quality inflatable water park? There are 4 key points, following I...

  • How to maintain your inflatable water park

    Today Bestfun inflatable share some skill for how to deal with rain problem for your inflatable water park. How to make a good maintenance for the inflatable water park in the rainy day is very...

  • How to use the blower of Big airbag

    For big air bag, the blower is an essential component, without it you can not set up any big airbag. Today, Bestfun inflatable share some knowledge about the how to use the blower of big air bag. ...

  • The correct method of operation for inflatable amusement park

     1. Fix the inflatable amusement park with D rings and rope on both sides of the game (rope to withstand static tension can not less than 500 kg), then pull the vertical safety rope down the ground...

  • Do you know how to repair inflatable obstacle course

    1. First the broken of the inflatable obstacle course and spare PVC material evenly coated with glue, and then dry to 5 minutes, paste the cloth sample affixed to the broken place, oot flattened after...

  • How to installate the inflatable tent

    Inflatable tent is so popular because of its simple inflate and defate, easy to transport, but do you how to install it? Don't worry, Bestfun inflatable will show you this is not a problem! ...

  • What need to pay attention when you waht to invest in inflatable game

    Inflatable game, we believe that many friends should be very familiar with it, as a kind of inflatable toys, in the past few years it is appearing in the playground of many cities. Because it has...

  • Inflatable slide industry status

    2019-03-27 13:49:58
    Inflatable slide industry status

    1. Inflatable slide industry management system gradually improved With the rapid development of mobile inflatable slides manufacturing industry, inflatable slides also have matured, so inflatable...

  • How to tell a inflatable combo is good quality

    1. Inflatable combo products must be tested, and provide the test report. The test need to follow the national special equipment and rules. Inflatable combo maximum using life should be based on test...

  • How to deflate the inflatable obstacle course

    Inflatable obstacle course as the most popular amusement products in the sport market, has a wide range of use throughout the country. As an operator of inflatable obstacle course, we should make a...

  • Bestfun Inflatable - full disclosure, how the inflatable game production

    Do you know the production process of the inflatable playground? Today, Bestfun inflatable show you the secret! When customer make the decition of their inflatable playground, first, the technical...

  • Good protection for the wind when you use the inlatable game

    Inflatable bouncer as a popular entertainment for all over the world, the importance of its safety is do not need to say more, but today, Bestfun inflatable want to share something with you about how...

  • Some tricks to choose high quality inflatable castle

    Today, inflatable castle is the most popular entertainment for children, so its business opportunities are also very large. But how can the operators choose the quality inflatable castle correctly? ...

  • Make a good operation of inflatable slide

    No matter which recreational facilities, safety is always the first, only high-quality equipment to ensure safety, and high-quality inflatable slide is inportant to ensure the operation. Cheap...

  • Inflatable castle park can not lack health supervision

    Today, you can find many different sizes of inflatable castle both in the large shopping malls or parks. These inflatable games such as ocean ball pool, inflatable slide are so funny that make the...

  • Pay Attention To Inflatable Amusement Equipment Installation

    Many inflatable game have a short use life even have accidents because of improper use or mismanagement. So how to avoid these bad situation? Bestfun inflatable show you some feasible measures to...

  • Pay attention  when play the inflatable slide

     As we know, after inflate, the inflatable slide will full of air and have good elasticity, that children can jump or run without hurt even they fall over, so the inflatable slide is well-loved by the...

  • Major maintenance skills for the inflatable castle

     Inflatable castles are popular among children all over the world and have become children's indispensable entertainment programs. As an owner of inflatable castle, we must be sure to keep our own...

  • How To Order?

    2012-12-07 17:23:43
    How To Order?

    1. You can order BestFun inflatable by Fax, E-mail, Order online or visit our factory; 2. Size & Style: You can order BestFun inflatable in any size or style; that is to say, we can make according...

  • FAQ

    2012-12-07 16:51:19

    What about size and color?     The size and color can be changed according to your requirements or according to the size in our webpage or catalogue. What material?     Inflatable games is...

  • A hole in your Inflatable water slide? Patch it!

    We will match one set of accessories to per inflatable products, the accessories including: Repair kit, glue, stakes, trap, blower. When you find the hole in your inflatable water slide or...